Five Easy Recipes for a Delicious Picnic this Spring Season


Apartment living at Cumberland at Church is a great social environment to interact with your community and neighbors. You can organize cookouts, local games, or other fantastic festivities during the summer season. And whatever the occasion, bring a few of these tasty and easily prepped food and snacks! 

Easy recipes to try in your kitchen

Causing a mess while making food for your guests makes most people shy away from the burden of preparing meals. Come up with bold picnic ideas, and make your meals without the nightmare of cleaning up. Try out these seasonal picnic recipes for a summer of fun with friends and family;

Picnic drinks

To keep your drinks cold, you will need to bring out your kitchen appliance must-haves, especially the blender and cooler.

• Fruity Cocktails

• Blended juice

• Smoothies


Your picnic food needs to last a while until you are ready to eat. Sandwiches are a delicious, quick-fix with numerous options. You can make healthy options using a few simple ingredients like egg, tomatoes, aromatic herbs, and onions. 

Or, make sweeter sandwiches using jams, jellies, peanut butter, or a ripe avocado.

Finger snacks

Shake up your spring season recipes and make these fun foods you’ll enjoy:

tasty pinwheels 

fried mac and cheese balls

• Crackers or chips paired with a delicious dip

Healthy treats

Make pasta salads, veggie rolls, or veggie salads to keep your diet healthy and clean.

Accompany a delicious drink with a cheese platter, chips, dip, or any other snack for a relaxing quiet afternoon.

Enjoying the outdoor weather

With the school breaks and the many fun activities you can enjoy, summer is one of the most fun seasons.

• Take a hike at Cumberland River Greenway, just a few miles away from home and with scenic views you won’t forget. 

• Plan for a trip down to Old Hickory Beach or Nashville River Front for a fun summer day. 

• Have a picnic at Church Street Park and enjoy the views.

Get creative with your picnic ideas

As time changes, so do our lifestyles. Come up with innovative picnics and invite friends for a good time using a few of our creative ideas. If you want some peace, do something nice for yourself to rejuvenate.