Make This Month About You: Self-Care at Home


Everyone deserves a little pampering from time to time, including yourself. Normalize treating yourself with the simple self-care trends we’re about to spill to you. The best part is that all of these can be enjoyed in the comfort of your Cumberland on Church apartment.

Treat Yourself in Your Home

Invest in treating yourself; you deserve it. After all, you work hard throughout the year, and thus, you deserve some indulgence. Just follow these simple self-care trends.

Watch a Movie

What’s a better way to forget all the troubles of life than watching a good movie. Do your research and find an entertaining movie. You could choose one from some old movies you’ve watched and enjoyed.

DIY Manicure

Instead of going out to get your nails done, setting an appointment, getting ready, and leaving the comfort of your home, why not just do it yourself. Take time with yourself to pamper yourself.

Face-care Routine

Indulge in a good face-care routine. Get some beautiful facial skin while relaxing. Pour yourself a glass of wine and slap on a soothing face mask.

Soothing Bubble Bath

Good cleansers and bath products are worth the hype, focusing on beautiful scents and skin benefits. A good bubble bath has a way of soothing the mind and body. Add both bombs to the equation and have the perfect self-care moment.

Unique and Healthy Habits

Practicing good habits can help you keep a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Here are some healthy habits:

  • Keeping hydrated
  • Eating healthy/ balanced meals
  • Exercising
  • Taking a break from gadgets
  • Getting enough sleep

These simple healthy habits can mean the difference between a peaceful and stress-filled life.

Apartment Trends for the Month of Love

Show yourself some love this month; you deserve it. Remember to give your apartment some equal love. So many quick and easy apartment trends can help you create the perfect environment and atmosphere for some self-care. Take advantage of the atmosphere of love.

Spruce Up Your Cumberland on Church Apartment: Renter Friendly Edition

modern living room with rug, coffee table, couch to the right, and side table on the left wall.

Located in the heart of Downtown Nashville, Cumberland on Church is a community of luxury high-rise apartments for rent. Residents can access various exciting community amenities, such as indoor parking, a business center, a laundry center, valet dry-cleaning, a game room, and a fitness center. Residents can enjoy in-suite washers and dryers in their apartments, individual climate control spacious closets, and a private balcony with stunning views. However, if your apartment’s interior suffers, it can drag down the whole experience. Here are some renter-friendly hacks based on new interior trends that can make your Cumberland on Church apartment’s interior just as stunning as the views surrounding it.

New Additions for a Brighter Space

Thanks to the Cumberland on Church’s large windows, apartments receive plenty of natural light. A great way to take advantage of this is to use bright curtains and blinds or none at all. This will allow as much light as possible to enter your home and keep its appearance beautiful, warm, and bright. You can also complement these large windows by using low-slung furniture. This type of furniture reduces the risk of obscuring your apartment’s windows. Which will further ensure you can enjoy plenty of natural lighting.

Clean, Organized, and Unique

Keeping your apartment clean and organized is easily accessible! The built-in storage space and designer bathrooms with full-size vanities help you reduce clutter. You can also invest in bookshelves and storage bins to store any additional goods and give your home a unique and appealing flair.

Make Use of These Modern Apartment Trends

Your Cumberland on Church apartment is an excellent opportunity to flex your interior design skills. Create a living space that you can be proud of. Use these modern apartment trends to make the most of your stay and design the interior of your dreams!

Having Fun This Holiday in Your Apartment: Decorations, Activities, and Baked Desserts!


Cumberland on Church is an apartment complex in the heart of downtown Nashville that has become a popular destination for those looking to live in the city. With its convenient location, cozy atmosphere, and modern amenities, Cumberland on Church has become one of Nashville’s most sought-after apartment communities.

In addition to offering residents an exceptional living experience, this apartment complex is known for staying on top of the latest trends in interior design and architecture.

Staying Indoors: Games and Desserts

One of the cozycore apartment winter trends that Cumberland on Church has embraced is staying indoors for more relaxing activities. Fun indoor games like Poker, Jenga, and Scrabble are popular among residents, who often spend cozy evenings with friends trying to out-wit each other in a classic game night.

Of course, holiday desserts are also a must-have during the Christmas season. The Cumberland on Church apartment kitchens are spacious and fully equipped to help residents create delicious Christmas treats, such as cookies and classic holiday pies.

Holiday For The End Of The Year

Bring warmth and Christmas cheer by making Christmas decorations with family and friends. Cumberland on Church offers plenty of space to bring Christmas cheer into the apartment complex.

Whether it’s a Christmas tree in the living room, garlands along the stairwell, or festive lights outside, there are plenty of ways to decorate this apartment community for the holiday season. Here are some holiday decoration tips:

  • Hang Christmas wreaths near your door
  • String Christmas lights across balconies
  • Decorate windows with Christmas stickers
  • Put up a Santa display in your window
  • Place small Christmas trees around your home

It doesn’t have to be Christmas themed, but the decorations should make it feel like a holiday.

Cumberland on Church: More Than An Apartment

Cumberland on Church is more than just an apartment complex; it’s a home. A place residents can relax and enjoy comfort, security, and peace of mind. So, if you’re looking for a place to call home this Christmas, look no further than Cumberland on Church.

From its cozy atmosphere and modern amenities to its vibrant and welcoming community, Cumberland on Church is the perfect place to call home.

Thanksgiving Dishes, Sides, and Desserts: Creating a Cozy Dinner


Cumberland on Church is a complex of luxurious apartments located in downtown Nashville. The apartments are the epitome of luxury living as they have top-notch amenities, including a state-of-the-art fitness center, game room, and indoor parking. The apartment complex is located in the heart of Nashville’s Arts District, so you are close to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and many other entertainment hotspots. The apartments are great for entertaining, so consider inviting loved ones over for Thanksgiving. The following are ideas for Thanksgiving meal plans and decoration ideas for the perfect atmosphere.

Create A Perfect Ambiance

Use the following ideas to create a cozy atmosphere for Thanksgiving:

Printable Art

You can create art to display in your apartment specifically for Thanksgiving. You can get seasonal art from many sources online, print it, and display it in your apartment. It will create an excellent ambiance for the holidays.


Wreaths are a Thanksgiving tradition. A neutral wreath that is white or gold signals a transition from Fall to Winter. It is also an excellent decoration that will create a warm atmosphere for Thanksgiving.

Mouthwatering Dishes You Have to Try

Try out the following Thanksgiving sides and dishes this year:

Sheet Pan Thanksgiving Dinner

sheet pan Thanksgiving dinner is one of the easiest ways to make Thanksgiving dishes. You can put the turkey on the sheet pan and the sides right alongside it. You can add potatoes, green beans, or asparagus to the pan.

Homemade Biscuits

Thanksgiving is the perfect time for homemade biscuits. They are a dessert everyone at the table will love. The best part is that you can make them beforehand and heat them for dinner.

Cozy Atmosphere For Thanksgiving

Wreaths and printable art will create the perfect ambiance. Homemade biscuits and a sheet pan dinner will be delicious. Your loved ones will thank you for a great night with these ideas.

Spooky Halloween Treats and Décor to Try This Season


Enjoy this winter’s Halloween season at the nicest location. The amazing decorations that can be installed in your apartment living is the epitome of what is eerie. You and your family may have spooky fun throughout the Halloween season. There are a lot of apartment trends for Halloween, including dressing, preparing recipes with pumpkin spice, and decorating your house. Here are a few of the DIY trends you can use to decorate your apartment living:

Delicious Pumpkin Treats & More

The delectable pumpkin-flavored goodies, like pumpkin spice, are one of the best things about Halloween. These no-bake pumpkin oatmeal bars are a great option if you’re searching for an easy and delectable treat to create in your apartment. They only need a few ingredients, most of which you probably already have in your cupboard, and are simple to create. You could always try creating your own pumpkin pie if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. This is the ideal treat to enjoy on Halloween night with friends or family. Not to add, the aroma of the food roasting in the oven will fill your space.

Halloween Hacks

If you have decorations for Halloween, like twinkling lights, cotton wool, eerie trees, and vibrant lights, they can be used as seasonal décor for the rest of the year. Making sure the decorations are not installed permanently in the flat is one of the most incredible things to do. Try painting some windows with washable paint so you can create some frightening works of art. To give your flat that extra flair, set up a witch and some skeletons on the balcony of the porch.

There are numerous approaches to celebrating Halloween without going crazy. These are some things you need to make your apartment living the ideal spot to explore seasonal decor for the remainder of the year, from delectable pumpkin delights to uncanny DIY trends.

Fall Decor & DIY Trends You Have to Try this Season at Cumberland on Church


With autumn leaves falling and a chill in the air, you can feel that fall season is in full swing. Get ready for the cozy season at Cumberland on Church with the newest DIY trends and fall apartment decor. This fall, rustic colors and cozy vibes are in – use these fall decor and seasonal DIY projects to create cozy spaces in your apartment.

Fall Decor You Need

In-trend decor this cozy season focuses on warm colors such as tan, caramel, and crimson. Add a rustic color to any room with knitted couch throws or cushion covers in these shades to create a cozy space in your apartment.

Arrange some fall floral arrangements on desks or tables to add a seasonal touch. Use dried stems or local fresh flowers from The Arcade in shades of orange and red to make your apartment feel like fall. Add small fresh pumpkins or gourds for a classic Halloween touch.

A leaf-patterned dishtowel or cozy mugs in warm colors are a simple addition to give you a fall feeling.

Try These DIY Projects This Season

Apartment living is not complete without these easy fall DIY trends.

Add a retro twist to pumpkin carving by painting your carved pumpkin’s warm neutral shades, such as cream and tan. To make this DIY project even cozier, use a fall candle with a pumpkin spice or cinnamon scent.

For an artistic touch, press dried fall leaves in a rustic gold or wooden picture frame to create a seasonal piece. Prop the framed leaves on your desk or counter as a cozy reminder of the season.

Enjoy Apartment Living This Fall Season

Creative seasonal DIY trends and fall apartment decor let you create a welcoming, cozy space that feels like home. Welcome the fall season, and enjoy your apartment living experience with comfort and style.

Completing Your Summer Bucket List at Cumberland on Church


Get ready for some summer fun in Nashville, Tennessee! Experience luxury high-rise apartment living at Cumberland on Church. Enjoy the thriving nightlife, top-rated restaurants, and unique historical sites in the Arts District of downtown Nashville. Your designer apartment will be waiting with an upscale kitchen, designer bathrooms, and private balconies. Don’t worry about laundry with valet dry cleaning services and en suite washers and dryers. This community has everything you need to complete your summer bucket list, including a game room, fitness center, zen courtyard, and a coffee bar.

What to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

  1. Go to a concert at Ryman Auditorium
  2. Explore Broadway
  3. Watch a musical at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center
  4. Visit the Johnny Cash Museum

Bucket List Items for Your Apartment Living Lifestyle

Packing for summer vacations doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some important things to keep in mind while packing for your vacation rental:

Rent furniture

Furniture rental is a cost-effective way to furnish your apartment. Make the furniture selections yourself, or hire an expert to plan out the space. Many furniture rental companies offer these services so that you don’t need to do the hard work yourself.

Air mattress

Air mattresses take up less space and are easy to travel with.

Essential kitchen supplies

You don’t have to pack the whole kitchen; bring enough to cook your favorite go-to meals.

Cumberland on Church offers a unique experience of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Enjoy the Arts District of Nashville with the comfort of your luxury, high-rise apartment with amenities such as indoor parking, a secure entryway, and en suite washers and dryers. This designer high-rise experience will make your summer vacation unforgettable. The amenities offered at Cumberland on Church make it easy for you to pack with less stress. Bring the essential items you need to relax and indulge in this unique community.

How to Enjoy Your Cumberland on Church Apartment This Summer


The expansive one- and two-bedroom Cumberland on Church apartment suites set the bar for luxury living in a high-rise. Located in the heart of Nashville’s downtown, Cumberland on Church offers a remarkable blend of location, elevation, and design. With the city’s cultural icons right outside your door alongside panoramic views of downtown Nashville.

In the neighborhood, there are countless options for dining, shopping, and entertainment. You can visit Blue Coast Burrito restaurant, where you may go to experience the Baja lifestyle, or place an online order and have the best, freshest Mexican food made on the West Coast delivered to you. Also, the prime Downtown Nashville location of Cumberland on Church offers a new paradigm of service and style thanks to its proximity to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

How to Make the Most Indoors this Summer

At Cumberland on Church, you will have many amenities that allow you to relax and be productive. You can enjoy fabulous apartment living with good technology, appliances, and spacious facilities. Therefore, you can enjoy making several summer recipes in the kitchen, like salads, tacos, and juice. Enjoy the coffee bar, meditate in the Zen courtyard, or exercise in the state-of-the-art fitness center! Whatever the lifestyle you want, Cumberland on Church has the perfect apartment for you.

Hosting Family & Friends During the Heatwave

The summer can get very hot, generating several opportunities to welcome family and friends who want to enjoy indoor entertainment with luxury at Cumberland on Church.

Enjoy the following renter-friendly hacks and apartment-friendly tips. You should play ScrabbleIndoor Lawn Bowling, or charades together in the apartment. Make these indoor games competitive by assigning teams or extra points for those who elicit laughter, as you see fit. Indoor games can easily amp up the summer fun. You can also order takeout or cook; this will easily create another fun summer activity. The entire set of family & friends may use the kitchen to prepare two different dishes and two drinks each. Have fun whipping up a feast and assign one person to judge what someone else makes.

Vibrant Summer Colors to Add into Your Cumberland on Church Apartment


You may have already noticed the colorful nature of summer. Hues complement everything from hot suns to cool river flows. The great thing about summer is that you don’t have to limit yourself from adding bold colors into your Cumberland on Church apartment.

Hues to Match Every Mood this Season

Renter-friendly hacks to get the most out of your home during summer include using colors that will help complement every mood.

Coral Pink

Coral pink is a gorgeous shade of pink that is perfect for any room, especially the bedroom. It’s fun and flirty but pretty enough to use in formal settings.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is a warm yet cool color with a nice, calming effect. It’s a great color in the living room since it will make you feel relaxed and calm.

Light Gray

Light gray is the color you want to use for your walls, ceilings, and floors. This is a great color if you want your home to look more sophisticated.


This is one of the most versatile colors in home decor. You can paire it with white is a popular combination for summer rooms, but you can also use it to liven up darker spaces like kitchen cabinets.

Making Your Home Summer Ready

Summer is a time for relaxation, fun, and outdoor vacations. But you still need to keep your home looking nice and fresh.

Here are some apartment-friendly tips to help you prepare your home for summer.

  • Mix and match curtains, rugs, and pillows to create a colorful look that complements the season.
  • Add fresh flowers in a vase or basket to brighten up any room.
  • Add pops of color in a variety of ways. Think bold, geometric patterns, or mix them with stripes and polka dots.

Enjoy Your Summer Fun

Choosing the right color for the summer season is important to complement the fun in summers. The colors help with vibrant decorations, improving your apartment living experience.

Five Easy Recipes for a Delicious Picnic this Spring Season


Apartment living at Cumberland at Church is a great social environment to interact with your community and neighbors. You can organize cookouts, local games, or other fantastic festivities during the summer season. And whatever the occasion, bring a few of these tasty and easily prepped food and snacks! 

Easy recipes to try in your kitchen

Causing a mess while making food for your guests makes most people shy away from the burden of preparing meals. Come up with bold picnic ideas, and make your meals without the nightmare of cleaning up. Try out these seasonal picnic recipes for a summer of fun with friends and family;

Picnic drinks

To keep your drinks cold, you will need to bring out your kitchen appliance must-haves, especially the blender and cooler.

• Fruity Cocktails

• Blended juice

• Smoothies


Your picnic food needs to last a while until you are ready to eat. Sandwiches are a delicious, quick-fix with numerous options. You can make healthy options using a few simple ingredients like egg, tomatoes, aromatic herbs, and onions. 

Or, make sweeter sandwiches using jams, jellies, peanut butter, or a ripe avocado.

Finger snacks

Shake up your spring season recipes and make these fun foods you’ll enjoy:

tasty pinwheels 

fried mac and cheese balls

• Crackers or chips paired with a delicious dip

Healthy treats

Make pasta salads, veggie rolls, or veggie salads to keep your diet healthy and clean.

Accompany a delicious drink with a cheese platter, chips, dip, or any other snack for a relaxing quiet afternoon.

Enjoying the outdoor weather

With the school breaks and the many fun activities you can enjoy, summer is one of the most fun seasons.

• Take a hike at Cumberland River Greenway, just a few miles away from home and with scenic views you won’t forget. 

• Plan for a trip down to Old Hickory Beach or Nashville River Front for a fun summer day. 

• Have a picnic at Church Street Park and enjoy the views.

Get creative with your picnic ideas

As time changes, so do our lifestyles. Come up with innovative picnics and invite friends for a good time using a few of our creative ideas. If you want some peace, do something nice for yourself to rejuvenate.